Prey - GUTS (Zero-Gravity Utility Tunnel System)
Prey - GUTS (Zero-Gravity Utility Tunnel System)

GUTS was a level that I spent most of the project working on. I implemented roughly 85% of the final art, and maintained everything after whitebox to shipping date. Working with the level designer Jeremy Catlin, we implemented various features like the Magnetosphere and Conveyor Belt System. Most of the level is played in Zero-Gravity, with some areas in standard gravity.

The bulk of the work I created was in the red section of the level, known as the "cargo side" -- This portion of the level features various modular kit pieces that are all referencing one master texture sheet with some decal overlays for extra details like nuts, bolts, and bevels.

Various artists at Arkane Studios worked on assets in this level, as I did not create everything. The level architect was Jim Magill and the lighting was also done by Jim Magill.

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