Overwatch 2 - Shambali
Overwatch 2 - Shambali

As it turns out, the world could always use more heroes! I'm proud of my team's work as I feel like I couldn't have had these opportunities without everyone who has had the honor of working on this project. Each panel is annotated with call-outs for my contributions but really, there are so many people involved with all different parts of the map creation process.

The lighting was implemented by Peter Tran, art direction by Dion Rogers and Peter C Lee, Helder Pinto & Lucas Annunziata were my leads. There are so many hidden heroes involved in the process of creating Overwatch, so many incredibly talented creators and too many to list here! To the developers who came before me and those who are yet to join us, "Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be." — Dr. Harold Winston


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