Prey - Lobby
Prey - Lobby

In Lobby, I focused on reduction of draw calls, performance improvements and optimization including the shadowshell geometry which we used to simplify our shadow casters in the environment. I created some of the decorative Neodeco elements, including the reskinned version of the "Sewer cap" made by Andrew Stifter.

As an example of performance improvements, the ceiling of the Lobby was replaced from and original implementation of 750,000 tris to a 35 tri model with tiling texture. The end result not only looked better, but increased performance.

My main focus areas were Teleconferencing, the deck facades in the mainhall, the Skybridge, Stairwell (modeled by William Hewitt), and the elevator shaft interior which I modeled. Various artists at Arkane Studios worked on assets in this level, as I did not create everything. The primary environment artist was Phi Nguyen and the level architect was John Fuher.

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